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We are your global solution for quality cannabis genetics at decent prices. Being in business for almost 20 years, we now offer you free seeds with each and every order. We are your legit seed bank. Please feel free to google us, we are one of the few legit marijuana seed banks in the world. We offer super stealth shipping for your safety and privacy.

Customer Reviews


“Thank you for your fast services down under. I suffer from chronic pain and intestinal problems due to a gunshot wound to my spine I recieved in January 2006. I am confined to my wheelchair, and have been feeling very depressed since the incident. I began smoking marijuana this summer {2008} to alleviate the pain because the fentanyl patch the doctor’s gave me feel like toxins running in my veins and it’s make me groggy in the morning and during most of the day/evening. I now smoke to relax my muscle spasms, and to reduce my depression.”

Pat M. - Australia

“Mr. Peak Seeds, here is the testimonial I am please to email you. I’ll try to keep it short enough so that others will actually read it in it’s entirety. My name is William (please don’t use my last name or location) and I was hit by a train at a young age back in 1989. I have been paraplegic ever since. I have been prescribed a wide range of drugs which do help me, but the aweful side effects has led me to your website. I have been smoking small amounts of cannabis to combat my pain while decreasing my intake of opiods. This has really been helpful in many aspects of my life. I now have an increase in energy, appetite and libido (opiods reduce these). I am very happy with your genetics and I already am a repeat customer. I have also written an article about how marijuana has changed my life and you can post it on your website to help others.”

William - Location asked to be ommited

” I’ve been a customer of Peak Seeds since 2004, this is my ninth order, and everything has been great, i am very happy to of found this website from a friends recomendation. I am happy to provide you with this email as I am a medical user and have been smoking the crap provided by Canada health. Peak Seeds are superior, and I have always purchased the medical seed mix at what i must say is very low cost, which greatly helps me out becuase i’m on disability and on a very tight budget. “

Markus - Toronto, Ontario. Canada

” Dear Peak Seeds,
I got your email asking for my testimony after my purchase, but I didn’t feel comfortable giving a testimonial before I consumed your final product. I must say i am impressed with the potency!!! I was expecting your product to be just so-so considering how low your prices are. I’ve already sent in another order today, and i’ve told my friends how great your service is. Your doing a great thing here, keep up the good work! “

Henry - Big Brother

” I see you have a new genetic line-up but I was hoping to get some older strains you used to carry, as the Nothern Berry mother I have been keeping alive and cloning for the past 2 years is now gone due to my recent relocation. I placed another order on August 27th. I was sad to hear in your email that your not carrying the same selections from my last order, but your Red Berry looks fantastiskt, and i can’t wait to see these babies finish. Keep up the good work and ‘tusan tack’ (a thousand thanks) from Sweden “

Jan - Linkopping, Sweden

” I must say I am extremely satisfied with your company. I disliked sending cash as I was fearful to have my money taken and nothing shipped as this has happened to me in the past. I placed a small order and you came thru. I then placed a larger order and you were once again reliable. Thank you. “

Noah - United Kingdom

” Everything is growing well here, thanks for shipping to my country. “

Jessi - Southern Neighbor

” I struggle with anorexia, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenic tendencies. Smoking one joint a day prevents drastic mood swings and stimulates my appetite. Without this medication, I would have psychotic breaks from reality. “

Jenny - Alberta

“I recieved the seeds after 12 days problem free. Everything was well packaged (discrete and crush proofed), i can’t believe the germination rate, I got 39 out of 40 seeds germinated, and they all look to have vigerous growth. I’ll send in some photo’s close to harvest”

Andrew J.

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